Spotlight meeting on the prospects of waste management in Kenya

17.07.2018 - Article

On July 10, 2018, The German Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, together with its partners, held a spotlight meeting on Solid Waste Management in Kenya at ParkInn Hotel Nairobi Westlands.

Around 70 stakeholders from private companies, public institutions, business associations and NGOs came together to discuss ways forward in regards to waste handling in Kenya.

Forum on Waste Management in Kenya
Forum on Waste Management in Kenya© AHK

The spotlight meeting provided a forum for discussing ways to mitigate challenges of urban waste management in Kenya. It marked the next issue of 2018’s German Embassy Green Economy Cycle (GEGEC), a series of events held in cooperation with the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Kenya (AHK).

The series brings together experts from private sector, industry practitioners and academia to develop a perspective on more sustainable economic practices.

A professionalised urban waste management system presents itself as an opportunity to mitigate a wide array of complex problems in the metropolises in Kenya, where a growing portion of Kenya’s rapidly increasing population is concentrated in. The development from a predominantly rural dwelling type to more densely habited urban areas comes with significant changes in the way people supply themselves with and dispose off the goods consumed for daily life and personal prosperity.

The supply of water and energy, the erection of sewage systems as well as the collection of garbage gains inclreasingly in significance in this context. The necessary public infrastructure, on the other hand, struggles to keep pace with the rapid urban growth and is often unable to adequately, both assuring human health and safeguarding the surrounding ecosystems.


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