Angola: an important partner in southern Africa

27.08.2018 - Article

Talks between Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and Angolan Foreign Minister Manuel Augusto focused on German Angolan economic issues and Angola’s role as an actor in southern Africa. Both countries intend to continue to develop their relations.

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Foreign Minister Maas meets Angolan Foreign Minister Augusto© Foreign Minister Maas meets Angolan Foreign Minister Augusto

A large delegation visits Germany

Foreign Minister Maas welcomed the political and economic reforms undertaken by the Angolan Government and paid tribute to Angola’s role as a key partner in southern Africa. In recent years, Angola has assumed ever greater responsibility in the area of foreign policy and is committed at international level to achieving peace and security in the region. It was with this in mind that Maas and Augusto discussed the political crisis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in particular. Maas welcomed the increased commitment on the part of the Angolan Government and reiterated his interest in a closer dialogue on regional issues.

Augusto spoke out in favour of a greater commitment on the part of the German business community in Angola, particularly in the fields of energy, air and rail transport and urban mobility.

Manuel Augusto has been Angola’s Foreign Minister since President João Lourenço took office in September 2017. He is accompanying Lourenço on his first official visit to Germany.

President Lourenço also met Chancellor Merkel and President Steinmeier during his visit. Chancellor Merkel not only welcomed the economic and decentralisation reforms initiated by President Lourenço, but also improvements with regard to ensuring the freedom of the press. She also pledged to intensify German Angolan cooperation in hydropower and tourism, as well as in providing equipment for the Angolan navy.

Chancellor Merkel and President Lourenço
Chancellor Merkel and President Lourenço© FFO/dpa

An important partnership

Germany and Angola have enjoyed a comprehensive partnership since 2011. In sub Saharan Africa, only South Africa and Nigeria enjoy a similar partnership with Germany. Part of this partnership is a Bilateral Commission at state secretary level, which met in 2012 and 2016, first and foremost to discuss economic and energy issues, as well as matters of foreign and security policy.

The new Government, under President Lourenço, took office in September 2017 with a programme of economic reforms, anti corruption measures and proposals for strengthening peace and security in the region.

The Government is committed to strengthening regional economic integration. In Lesotho, Angola is currently involved for the first time in a peacekeeping mission of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and is by far the largest contributor of troops. Moreover, it is supporting efforts to resolve the political crisis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


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