When the drought lasts longer: KfW helps mitigate the impact of climate change in Tanzania

07.05.2019 - Article

Some 170 Million Euro has been committed for water, sanitation and agricultural adaptation measures in the Simiyu Region, writes KfW.

KfW helps mitigate the impact of climate change in Tanzania
KfW helps mitigate the impact of climate change in Tanzania© Colourbox

On May 3 German Development bank KfW concluded two financing agreements with the Ministry of Finance and Planning of Tanzania for a total of around 128 million Euro on behalf of the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the Green Climate Fund (GCF) for climate-change adapted water and sanitation as well as agricultural climate change adaptation measures in the Simiyu region in north-eastern Tanzania.

KfW will contribute 25 million Euro and the GCF some 103 million Euro, while the government of Tanzania will provide around 40 million Euro. The project will put in place a sustainable water supply from Lake Victoria as well as various measures aimed at improving sanitation; it will also finance measures that aim to make local farmers, who depend on rainfall for subsistence farming, more independent and less susceptible to prolonged periods of drought through new farming practices.

“KfW is supporting Tanzania in meeting the challenges of climate change and improving the income and development prospects of 495,000 people in the Simiyu Region. This investment aims to bring about a shift in paradigms towards more comprehensive planning of climate change adaptation measures and pave the way for their broad implementation in other regions of Tanzania that are also affected by climate change,” said Prof Dr Joachim Nagel, member of the Executive Board of KfW Group.

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