Colonial heritage as a responsibility

30.09.2019 - Article

The colonial era is a dark chapter in European history. Goethe Institut is now devoting an entire website to the subject, writes deutschland.de.

The South African National Gallery.
The South African National Gallery.© dpa

Who owns cultural assets from the colonial era? How do German and European cultural institutions deal with this question? And why does a South African artist reject the “post” in the term “post-apartheid society”?

It is these and similar questions concerning the subject of “post-colonialism” that Goethe Institute will be addressing in coming years. A special-theme website “Latitude: Rethinking Power Relations” focuses on diverse global activities concerned with the impact of colonialism on the present and the future. There are a number of projects planned and in the pipeline on the subject.

This special-theme Website allows protagonists from different countries to speak out and to address the subject from all kinds of different perspectives.

Current debates are to be found in the sections “Traces”, “Identities” and “Discourses” which are complemented by projects conducted by the individual Goethe Instituts. A pool of experts brings together actors involved in the relevant cluster of topics.


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