Meet our Africa Day Competition Winner

21.06.2023 - Article

Hailing from the capital of Luanda in Angola, GIC Africa’s “Africa Day design” competition winner Anselma Mafuila is proud of her African heritage.

“As an African, what makes me most proud is what our culture transmits, the joy of the African people is unique. I love everything Mother Africa represents to me; our costumes, our different colours, the music, the diversity of languages, everything is beautiful and captivating,” she says.

This was part of the inspiration for her winning design.

In 2019, Mafuila spontaneously dipped into the world of design after joining a group of women entrepreneurs.

“I already liked creations, art, and it only increased when I started to understand how to do it, I [sic] just needed the inputs needed to get started,” she continues, “I was the only beginner designer and one of the girls asked me for a logo. It was great to be able to produce a brand for someone”.

Mafuila didn’t stop there. She continued producing and studying more on the subject.

Don’t let her passion for design dupe you into thinking she’s one-dimensional. By day, Mafuila juggles working as a graphic and web designer with being a computer engineering student. Her dream is to become a web engineer that creates and prototypes mobile devices, among other things.

“My dream of having my own venture is still standing, and as an ambition what I want is to be able to see my brand/company recognized in the country and not just as one of the brands that contributes to its evolution and technology. Before, as a graphic designer, I dreamed of having a print shop, but now I want to have an innovative, more technological brand,” she says.

Mafuila loves the picturesque landscapes that Germany is home to, and is attracted to historical cities such as Berlin, Munich and Cologne.

No matter the direction she heads in, GIC Africa wishes her luck.

Meet our Africa Day Competition Winner
Meet our Africa Day Competition Winner© AntonioPenelas

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