Humanitarian aid for Congolese refugees in Zambia

28.11.2017 - Press release

Due to the crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the German Embassy in Zambia is going to provide humanitarian relief supplies worth around 50,000 Euros to refugees coming to Zambia.

In the face of the unfolding humanitarian crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the resulting influx of refugees into Zambia, the German Embassy in Zambia has put together humanitarian relief supplies to be delivered to the Kenani Transit Centre in Nchelenge, which is located in the north of Zambia.

UNHCR provides humanitarian aid worldwide
UNHCR provides humanitarian aid worldwide© dpa

A team from the Embassy will be travelling north to hand over the supplies to the camp management and partners on the ground on November 30.

Furthermore, the Embassy will be handing over 150 soccer balls to the host communities as a sign of appreciation for their hospitality and commitment on December 1.

The German government is one of the first bilateral partners to respond to the calls for assistance and will be providing solar lamps, mosquito nets and children’s clothes, amongst other items.

The German Ambassador to Zambia, Achim Burkart, stated:

Achim Burkart, German Ambassador to Zambia
Achim Burkart, German Ambassador to Zambia© German Embassy Lusaka

“The people of Zambia and the Zambian government have welcomed the refugees with open arms and taken responsibility despite limited resources and stretched capacity at the refugee camps. We appreciate their commitment.

I also would like to thank our colleagues from the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), Red Cross and the many other organisations on the ground, who are working tirelessly to provide the required assistance to the people fleeing from conflict and violence. We are glad to contribute some much needed relief supplies.”

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