Germany and Namibia polish up national parks

02.11.2017 - Press release

Germany and Namibia are working together to maintain the country’s national parks. The facilities of the remote Khaudum National Park in northern Namibia have now been improved making it more attractive for visitors.

The German government is supporting Namibia in terms of nature and wildlife conservation. A common project, which has started over ten years ago, aims to improve local national parks. Several parks have already profited from the initiative, so did the Khaudum National park in the east of the country.

On October 26, two park management stations - Khaudum and Sikereti - have been inaugurated by the Namibian Minister of Environment and Tourism (MET), Pohamba Shifeta.

New entrance gate for the Khaudum National Park
New entrance gate for the Khaudum National Park© KfW

The German Ambassador Christian Schlaga as well as the Governor of the Kavango East Region, representatives of the Regional Council, traditional authorities and the German Development Bank (KfW) attended the ceremony.

NamParks: Cooperation since 2006

The new park management stations have been co-funded by the Republic of Namibia and the Republic of Germany via the KfW in support of the Namibian Government’s development and conservation initiatives in north-eastern Namibia.

The construction was part of the latest phase of the Namibia National Parks Programme (NamParks) which has been running since 2006. The total costs of the two park management stations were about 80 million N$.

Within the framework of this programme, the Shisinze Park Station in the Nkasa Rupara National Park in the Zambezi Region had already been inaugurated in September 2017. So far, new stations were built at Mahango, Susuwe and Ngenda in the Bwabwata and Mudumu National Parks.

These two high quality stations facilitate the management of Khaudum National Park. Inviting new entrance gates as well as a welcoming visitor reception including information boards and hands-on displays have been constructed.

Furthermore, a scenic picnic site offers a rest after an exciting stay in Khaudum National Park.

Minister Shifeta and Ambassador Schlaga at the inauguration
Minister Shifeta and Ambassador Schlaga at the inauguration© KfW

Challenging constructions works in remote part of Namibia

In addition, twenty-four decent new staff housings with a state-of-the-art solar powered electrical system and a purified hot and cold water system have been installed. Proper offices and a soccer field complete the picture.

Building Khaudum Station has been a massive achievement, especially due to its remoteness and limited road access: more than four hundred-thousand bricks were made on the construction site, using twenty thousand bags of cement and eight million litres of water.

The efforts of the Namibian-German cooperation to develop the four north-eastern parks (Bwabwata, Khaudum, Mudumu, Nkasa Rupara) are steadily contributing to an effective park management.

Its integrated approach involves neighbouring communities and other stakeholders: active collaboration and the resulting benefits maintain a permanent interest in the protection and well-being of the parks.

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